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3D video Side by Side


Good game! Looks really nice.

At first the controls feel a little unresponsive with the "drifting" there but it took me couple of races to get used to it (and learning to use that B button), after that it gets easier. Are the controls "drifty" on purpose? I figured so since there is the word drift in the game's name :D

The controls make me think of Wipeout style game (just played BallistcNG) more than a flight"sim" game (e.g. Skydrift), and this is not bad thing per se, its just not how you expect your ship to handle the first time you play. Personally I would modify it a bit so that you could for example stop the "drift" by letting briefly go of throttle, as in a car would handle (you release gas or press clutch and steer forward when you want to stop drifting). Though I like the aspect that you got to actually learn to fly your ship and it is so rewarding when you start mastering it. But all in all, very promising game!